Before even submitting any artwork we need some lovely legal papers from you.  Nothing big.  Just the name of your first pet, where you graduated high school, and what your favorite color is.  Really!?  No.  All we need is for you to fill out this consent form and turn it into the office.  Easy.

Whether you have a child participating in writing, music composition, or painting a lovely picture there are specific rules/guidelines/protocol you need to follow.  Each category below links to the rules for that specific category.

General Participation Rules

3D Art Rules
Dance Choreography Rules
Film Production Rules
Literature Rules
Music Composition Rules
Photography Rules
Visual Art Rules

Please take just a moment to review these rules before beginning a project.  We are here to help with concerns you may have and will give you an opportunity to bring in artwork before the due date (November 3, 2014) to be reviewed.

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